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Bridal Alterations

Bridal Alterations

Here at Mrs Sew n Sew we are specialists in Bridal Wear Alterations now done through our bridal boutique

The Enchanted Atelier

at Mrs Sew n Sew

Amy has over 18 years experience of working in Bridal Alterations all over the country. 
As its impossible to quote for Bridal over the phone or email, we offer a free consultation, to go through the alterations for your dress to fit you perfectly on your special day.
This is the opportunity to see you in your dress and understand the alteration requirements.  We price your alteration with no hidden extras.
Bridal alterations, from strap adjustments all the way through to total remakes.
“Please see photos below of previous bridal alteration we have undertaken over the years”

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For all enquiries email enchantedateileruk@gmail.com

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Terms & Conditions
The Enchanted Atelier Alterations aka Mrs Sew n Sew
Quotes are based on the information provided and the work discussed at the initial appointment. Changes made after this initial quote may require additional work and therefore incur extra charges.
The deadline given at the initial consultation can only be guaranteed with the full cooperation of the client.
You must bring your actual wedding shoes and chosen underwear to each and every appointment. If these are not brought your appointment will be rescheduled and a £10 charge will be applied if the wasted appointment was scheduled for a weekend or evening.
You must inform us if there is a possibility of weight loss, gain or pregnancy and we will work out the optimal schedule of alterations with you. If there are significant changes in weight after the final fitting that require additional work, then additional charges will be applied.
By leaving your dress with us for alterations you agree to all terms and conditions. A deposit is usually taken at first fitting, but we can be flexible with payment schedules. ALL invoices must be paid in full before any garment can be collected. Direct bank transfer or cash is preferred, however card payments can be accepted.
The method of finishing will be, as far as possible, similar to those used on the original garment. Where this is not possible the method and decision is at our discretion.
24 hours notice (minimum) is required to cancel or rearrange an appointment. Cancellation fees may be incurred during peak season.
In the event of cancellation of an order, payment for any work so far carried out becomes immediately due. Any payments already made are non-refundable.
Whilst every effort is made to match fabrics and trims, we cannot guarantee an exact match unless ordered from the dress manufacturer from the same batch.
All alterations and work agreed must be inspected and signed for before collection.
In the event that a gown is not collected at the agreed deadline, or within 3 months of our second notification, then the gown will be sold and all monies forfeited.